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While it may not sound as romantic as a candlelight meal or a box of chocolates, a prenuptial agreement is necessary to provide protection if a marriage should break down. 
In fact a pre-nup could be a great way to establish intimacy and trust. Before you sign a pre-nup, you have to talk honestly about money—what you have, what you owe, and what is important in the future. This sets the stage for openness throughout your marriage, making you better equipped to resolve conflicts and get through difficult times. 
Celebrity pre-nups get a lot of publicity, but prenuptial agreements aren't just for the rich and famous. They can be helpful for anyone who has accumulated assets before marriage or who expects an inheritance during the marriage, small business owners, or for couples who have children from previous relationships. 
When you go through the process of preparing a pre-nup, you gain a better understanding of the legal side of marriage and property, and you have an opportunity to talk openly with your partner about your financial situation and your respective approaches to money. 
A pre-nup specifies who your money, property, and debts will belong to if you ever split up. It can also say whether, or how much, maintenance will be paid. A pre-nup can cover just about any aspect of your financial life, except for child support. With a pre-nup in place, you can feel secure about your finances and, if you ever do split up, your divorce is likely to go much more smoothly. 
It's normal to worry that your future spouse will be upset if you suggest a pre-nup. You should start the conversation early - don't wait until a couple of weeks before the wedding when emotions can run high. The prospect of divorce is an uncomfortable topic, but this kind of planning is no different than buying life insurance or preparing a will. You hope you won't need your will anytime soon, and you hope you'll never need to look at your pre-nup again but, if you do, your planning will have given you some control over what happens in your divorce, instead of leaving everything to a judge. 
So this Valentine’s day say I do to a pre-nuptial agreement. 
Prenuptial Agreements and Divorce Law Made Simple 
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