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No, you don’t need to instruct a Conveyancer/Solicitor recommended by the estate agent or any other third party. 
You may feel encouraged into using the recommended Conveyancer/Solicitors suggested by an agent, broker or developer but are not obliged to do so and people often prefer to use their own family Solicitor. 
One thing that is very important to know though is that there are often ‘referral agreements’ in place between agents, brokers or developers and the Conveyancers/Solicitors they refer work to, in which these firms will pay, sometimes, significant referral fees for referring the conveyancing work to them. This referral fee is generally included in the costs paid to the Conveyancer/Solicitor acting for you, by you! 
This often means that quotations provided by estate agents, mortgage advisors or developers may be more expensive and sometimes not as convenient as you may think. 
Other Conveyancing firms who receive lots of work from third parties may provide a lower price, however, this may result in poor quality conveyancing as these firms often work on a quantity, and not quality basis. 
Another point to bear in mind is that not all Conveyancing firms are Solicitors Practices. Often firms will refer to themselves as Property Lawyers when in fact they are not Lawyers at all. 
We recommend that you should not feel pressured into using any particular firm. You should ensure that you do proper due diligence when choosing a firm such as looking on the Law Society Website and that you appoint a Solicitor that will act in your best interests and charge you a fair price for this service you receive. 
Our Conveyancing team are on hand to guide you through the buying and selling processes, providing legal advice and to assist with any queries you may have. Please contact our team on 0113 200 7480. We look forward to assisting you. 
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* Laura Stafford is the SFE accredited memberand a full member of STEP 
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