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It is always wise to get on with making a personal injury claim. Here are just a few good reasons why not to procrastinate. 
1. Limitation 
The general rule is that someone only has 3 years from the date of injury to make a claim. Whilst many people are now familiar with this rule thanks to mercenary cold callers asking ‘have you had an accident within the last 3 years?’, not that many do not know that a shorter limitation period applies if you need to make a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority or in any of the following situations: 
• The accident occurred on an aircraft or in the airport. 
• The accident occurred at sea or on water generally. 
• The accident occurred abroad. 
2. Witnesses 
In a lot of cases witness evidence is crucial to determine liability. Most Claimants are relaxed about the fact that they can get this at any time, but any good solicitor should be on with organising this at the outset. Witnesses at the scene of an accident are usually eager to help but as time passes, they can become less helpful and often refuse to help if they know they might have to give evidence in court. 
A witness may sometimes be a work colleague, friend or family member but what happens if they later fall out with you and do not want to help you, leave the country or become uncomfortable or worse still, they die? 
3. Evidence 
Gather up all your evidence as soon as reasonably practicable. Leave nothing to chance. Paper records often go ‘missing’ and bearing in mind the legal saying ‘documents win cases’ this can be crucial. 
Take photographs of any injury (gory snaps shouldn’t, but do, have an impact on the quantum of a claim). Similarly, take photographs of the scene. It might change naturally due to changing seasons, such as foliage affecting lines of sight. Other accident scenes may be redeveloped. 
If you have reasonable prospect of making a successful personal injury claim, do not make it hard for yourself, act swiftly and instruct your solicitor early. 
If you feel you need to make a personal injury claim, or to speak to a member of the personal injury team, please call us on 0113 2007480 or fill in our contact form and one of the team will call you back. 
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