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What is the scheme? 
St Gemma’s is working with local solicitors to give you the opportunity to have your Will written this October in exchange for a donation to the Hospice instead of paying our usual fee. 
St Gemma’s suggest a minimum donation of £100 for a basic Will (for a single person) or £150 for Mirror Wills (for a couple). This applies to basic Wills. If your Will is more complex, there may be additional fees payable. 
Why we’re taking part 
Avery Walters Solicitors are taking part in the St Gemma’s Make a Will Month Scheme to raise funds for patient care while making the Will writing process accessible for anyone who wishes to write or update their Will. 
At Avery Walters we are proud to be taking part in such a wonderful scheme to support an amazing charity who do great work supporting patients and families. 
What we are offering 
Simple & Mirror Wills 
Simple & Mirror Wills include the following: 
• Appointment of executors and trustees. 
• Funeral wishes. 
• Appointment of guardians, if necessary. 
• Up to 5 specific legacies or gifts. 
• Up to 5 residuary beneficiaries. 
You can donate the sum of your choice to St Gemma’s for their benefit (recommended minimum donation of £100) for a single Will. 
How to get in touch to arrange an appointment 
Contact us on 0113 200 7480 to arrange a 30 minute meeting in the month of October quoting ‘St Gemma’s Make a Will Month’ when you call. 
In this meeting we will ask you to confirm: 
• Any funeral wishes that you may have; 
• Who you want to act as your executors and trustees and their details such as full name, address and relationship to you; 
• Who you want to appoint as your guardians, if necessary; 
• Details of any specific gifts that you would like to make; and 
• Who you would like to receive your remaining estate. 
We will then send you a letter asking you to confirm your instructions which we will ask you to sign and return to confirm that you wish to proceed. 
Instead of paying the usual fee of £200 + VAT for a basic Will (for a single person) or £360 + VAT for Mirror Wills (for a couple), you will complete and return the St Gemma’s donation form and return it to St Gemma’s Hospice at 329 Harrogate Road Leeds LS17 6QD. 
Once received, we will draft your Will(s) in accordance with your instructions and send these out to you at home for you to review/amend (if necessary). 
Finally, we will invite you back into the office to sign your Will(s) in the presence of 2 witnesses that we will provide. 
Once signed, your Will is legally valid. You can now relax knowing you have put your affairs in order for you and your loved ones, while also supporting local patients and families 
The initial meeting and the signature meeting must take place within the month of October. If your matter is not completed within this timescale, it will become chargeable at our usual rate. 
Please ensure that you let us have all of the information requested at your earliest opportunity. 
We will need you to provide us with a value of your estate. Each individual is entitled to £325,000.00 tax free on death. Anything over this amount will be taxable at a rate of 40%. If you require a tax efficient, or complex Will or an assessment of your capacity is required from a medical professional then this will not be provided under the St Gemma’s scheme and you will need to book an appointment with our Wills specialist for further advice. 
How to contact us: 
At Avery Walters our team of specialists can provide advice about Will writing. 
Contact us on 0113 2007480 or email us on info@averywalters.com to arrange your free initial, no obligation consultation with a specialist. 
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