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Cosmetic surgery is on the rise. With the celebrity culture that exists and most peoples perception that looks are all important, it isn’t difficult to understand why this is the case. 
In the past people may have kept “quiet” about their latest Botox hit whereas now it is shown off like the latest designer accessory. 
The “de rigueur” surgical improvements include (but not limited to): 
• facelifts 
• breast surgery 
• tummy tucks 
• rhinoplasty 
• brow lifts 
It is important however that right from the beginning the patient not only needs to know what is involved but also what complications can arise. Not just Consent but Informed Consent is key. 
With a growth in this industry, more and more people are undergoing procedures with private clinics and hospitals but with the rise of these procedures there has also been a rise in adverse outcomes as well. 
Making a claim for compensation as a result of botched cosmetic surgery is based upon the same principles as those involving a claim of Medical Negligence against an NHS Hospital or doctor. In both situations a duty of care exists between the surgeon and patient and an appropriate standard of treatment is expected both before, during, and after surgery. A patient will invariably trust their medical professional but sometimes this trust is misplaced. 
Badly performed cosmetic surgery can leave a patient with horrific scars and injury and in some cases can lead to further complications which can be truly life changing. 
We are here to help you if you have been unfortunate enough to be a victim of cosmetic surgery. We have a wealth of experience in the field and will be pleased to take on your claim through a No Win No Fee Scheme meaning that you will not risk one penny in instructing us to pursue a claim on your behalf. 
At Avery Walters our team of specialists can provide advice about Medical Negligence. If you feel you may need to make a medical negligence claim, or to speak to a member of the personal injury team for advice, please call us on 0113 2007480 or fill in our contact form and one of the team will call you back for a no-obligation consultation. 
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