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Legal Advice For Children and Family Law Leeds Solicitors 

For many people, the primary concern on divorce or separation is likely to be how to minimise its impact on the children. You will need to make suitable arrangements for where they are to live and for them to see their other parents. Our leading child law solicitors based in Leeds specialise in providing advice on all child law related issues. 
Legal Advice For Children and Family Law Leeds Solicitors 
We can help and advise you on a parent's rights and how to: 


Sort out where your children are to live. Shared Care (or Shared Residence) does not necessarily mean the children will spend 50% of the time with each parent. 


Make arrangements for your children to see and have contact with the parent they do not live with. 


Enable members of the children's extended family, such as grandparents, to continue to see the children if they are being prevented from doing. 


Secure money or maintenance to pay for your children's upbringing. 


Stop someone from taking a particular step in relation to your children – you may, for example, want to prevent the other parent taking them out of the country. 


Determine a specific question about the rearing of your children, such as what school they should attend. 


Get permission to relocate with the children to another country. 
The majority of couples, with the benefit of our help, are able to make arrangements for their children without any court involvement. We offer practical advice based on arrangements that have worked for other families and advise about the types of Orders the court may make, if no agreement can be reached between you the parents. These include:- 


Child Arrangement Order – setting out where a child shall live and when a child spends time with each parent whom they do not live with or their grandparents or other extended family members. 


Prohibited Steps Orders – preventing a parent from acting in a certain way in relation to the children, such as removing the child from the UK. 


Specific Issue Orders – deciding a specific issue the parents cannot agree on, such as which school a child is to attend. 
Child Law Solicitors Leeds & Harrogate 
With some of Leeds leading child law solicitors and lawyers Avery Walters are at the forefront of all legal advice ranging from Family Law to Civil Disputes. With offices in both Harrogate and Leeds we pride ourselves on providing the best legal advice we can. For any queries relating to Family Law do not hesitate to get in contact with either our Harrogate or Chapel Allerton office today. 
As one of the leading child law solicitors in West Yorkshire we pride ourselves on providing the best advice on Divorce Law, Child Law and Family Law in Yorkshire. With a range of expert child law solicitors contact us today for free initial advice. 
Contact one of our expert child law solicitors and family law lawyers on 0113 200 7480 or email us on info@averywalters.com to arrange your free initial, no obligation consultation. 
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