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Cohabitation Solicitors For Unmarried Couples 

It is a myth that there is such a legal status as Common Law Spouse bringing with it legal rights and entitlements similar to those awarded by marriage. Rights of unmarried couples are limited to child support where there are children born to the relationship through the CMS and through the court for additional financial provision. 
Claims in relation to the family home can be very complex and therefore early legal advice is essential so your rights can be protected and your case presented in the best possibly way. 
Cohabitation agreements 
We also provide legal advice to people before they live together. We can prepare a Cohabitation Contract or Living Together Agreement, which can deal with what the financial arrangements will be if your relationship later breaks down. This can provide some certainty and peace of mind as well as avoiding prolonged, expensive and unpredictable court proceedings which invariably results in an unfair outcome for one or both of the parties. 
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