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Making a Will may seem daunting and time consuming as there is much to consider when making an important document to decide how your estate will be shared once you have passed away. 
Here is our Will specialist’s easy and straightforward step by step guide to writing your Will. 
Step 1 – 
Contact us online, by telephone or email to arrange an initial no obligation consultation. 
Step 2 – 
One of our specialist team members will meet with you to discuss your requirements and offer advice and guidance to ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. In certain cases, we can initially meet you via zoom if preferred or we can arrange to visit you at your home. 
How to be prepared: 
• Have 2 forms of your identification to hand. 
• Obtain as many full names and addresses of people you may wish to include in your Will as possible. 
• Have a rough idea of the assets in your estate together with estimated values of these assets. 
• Attend the meeting alone to ensure that we can be satisfied that you have the relevant capacity to put a Will in place and that no one is influencing your decisions. 
Step 3 – 
After the initial meeting, we will write to you to confirm the details that we have discussed, provide a quote for our services, and request any missing information required to prepare your Will (usually £60.00). 
Step 4 – 
Sign and return our initial letter of engagement to confirm that you would like to formally instruct us to prepare your Will together with our funds on account. 
Step 5 – 
We will proceed to prepare a draft of your Will and send this out to you with a full letter explaining the clauses of the Will in lay terms for you to read and consider at home. 
If you require your Will to be drafted quickly due to a holiday, illness, or any other associated matter, then we can expedite the drafting process for you. 
Step 6 – 
Once you have read your draft Will, we can liaise with you to discuss any questions or queries you may have, or any amendments that you would like to make to your draft Will. 
Step 7 – 
Once you have approved your draft Will, you will be invited back to our offices for an appointment to discuss and sign your final Will. Your witnesses will be provided by us. 
Step 8 – 
Once your Will is completed and legally valid, the original will be stored in our fireproof cabinets and electronically, free of charge, for life. We will then write to you with your Will reference number, a signed copy of your Will for your records and other useful documentation. 
At Avery Walters our team of specialists can also provide advice about Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Trusts and Probate. 
Contact us on 0113 2007480 or email us at info@averywalters.com to arrange your free initial, no-obligation consultation with a specialist. 


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