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Neighbour Disputes Lawyers Leeds & Harrogate 

At Avery Walters our Disputes team have extensive experience in successfully resolving all manner of neighbour, property and land disputes.  
How we can help with Neighbour Disputes 
We have the experience to amicably resolve what can prove to be an extremely stressful and distressing situation. Situations that may arise include: 

Boundary Disputes 

Boundaries differ and vary over time. In a lot of cases the boundary may have started out as a straight line but over time may have moved slightly or changed direction due to the removal and replacement of the boundary, agreements between predecessors of that property and various other factors. 

Right of Way Disputes 

The person with the burden of the right of way cannot alter its route without the consent of the person who benefits from the right of way, or some other provision permitting him to do so. 
Fence Disputes- If the fences around your property or on your neighbour’s property are falling into disrepair, you may want to know whose responsibility it is to maintain them. 

Neighbour Disputes Lawyers Leeds & Harrogate 

Our Disputes team are dedicated to finding quick and cost effective solutions to your situation, using alternative dispute resolution such as mediation to avoid Court action if possible. Our solicitors recognise the importance of expert evidence and have a network of contacts that can be called upon to help resolve your dispute the quickest and most cost effective manner. 
The team of commercial lawyers at Avery Walters are on hand to handle any neighbour and land disputes you may have.  
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