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The Department of Health admits that there are over 800,000 medical accidents each year, half of which are preventable. These numbers are shocking but most of the time patients receive a reasonable standard of care. Unfortunately, sometimes the standard of care is so poor, it is negligent, and results in injury to the patient. Poor care can lead to devastating, life changing injuries and it is at this point that patients should consider bringing a compensation claim. 
The Medical Negligence Lawyers at Avery Walters, based in Leeds, are experts in medical negligence claims and are on hand to help you fight any medical negligence claims you are entitled to. Get in touch with us today. 
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About Medical Negligence 

Medical Negligence can happen in a number of contexts and may involve private or NHS treatment. Hospital doctors, nurses, GPs and dentists can make negligent errors causing injury to their patients. Sometimes a key symptom is overlooked or there is a failure to perform a key test, scan or refer the patient to a specialist. This might lead to a delay in diagnosis and treatment of an underlying condition which could have devastating consequences. Our medical negligence solicitors have dealt with a wide range of clinical negligence claims. 
An experienced Medical Negligence Solicitor based in Leeds will be happy to advise and then take on any claims involving Medical Negligence or any claims you may be entitled to. These might include claims against the hospital, the GP Surgery or some other clinical organisation. Medical Negligence Claims may be brought against the NHS or private individuals and organisations. Our team has dealt with hundreds of these types of claims which can include, for example, missed diagnosis, failed treatment, negligent surgery or mistakes with cosmetic surgery. We are proud to boast great results in at least providing some redress to our clients in the form of compensation for errors which have often altered their lives. 
As with all our Medical Negligence cases we advise you consult the expertise of a medical negligence lawyer or medical negligence solicitors and offer to pursue the claim under a NO WIN NO FEE scheme giving you peace of mind that you will not be a penny out of pocket even if for some reason the claim is unsuccessful. 
Our team of clinical and medical negligence lawyers and solicitors have experience in an extensive range of injuries and mistreatment such as: 
Failure to Diagnose or Misdiagnosis 
Cosmetic Surgery 
Dispensing Errors 
Nursing Home Claims 
Patient Deaths 
Surgical Errors 

Time Limits 

Precise time limits for starting medical negligence claims are laid out in legislation, albeit with a few exceptions being allowed. In simple terms, you have three years in which to make a claim, counted from the date upon which you first became aware that you had suffered injury as a result of medical negligence. It’s vital to note that this doesn’t mean three years since the treatment itself was actually undertaken, since some people may well experience a substantial delay until the symptoms of the medical negligence they’ve suffered begin to make themselves felt. Due to the time sensitivity of the matter it is essential you consult an expert medical negligence lawyer or a medical negligence solicitor to help understand your situation and see if you are entitled to make a claim. 

Medical Solicitors Leeds 

Our personal injury team aims to get clients back on their feet, negotiating early financial assistance from those at fault and ensuring that correct medical advice is arranged. 
Medical Negligence Claims Simplified 
If you require any legal advice in regards to medical negligence or require any other legal advice then look no further then Avery Walters where some of West Yorkshire's leading medical negligence solicitors and lawyers based in Leeds will take you through your medical negligence case and any and all clinical negligence claims. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. 
Call one of our expert medical negligence solicitors now on 0113 200 7480 or complete our online form. 
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